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Jukka Propeller-Mixer is an extremely effective tool for stirring all kinds of slurry.

We have paid particularly close attention to the propeller of this slurry mixer. As a result, we have managed to create an extremely powerful energy flow with relatively small power consumption.

The leading edge of the propeller imitates an aeroplane wing - the flow resistance is small and the convex surface of the edge generates a strong air suction. Once inserted into the liquid, the tip of the propeller travels at the speed of 650 rpm at 94 km/hr, or 1000 rpm at the speed of 145 km/hr. This proves the fact that the careful design of the propeller does play a big role in the performance.

Note: All our models have serviceable bottom structures. The shaft can be removed without separating it from the propeller. Simply unscrew the bolts, and you can lift the shaft along with the propeller and replace worn-out bearings.

Additionally in 2016 models the side supports have been improved with thicker and stronger pipes, with better mounting to the rest of the structure.

The best hydrodynamics on the European market.

As the only European manufacturer we have made our propellers last without any compromises.

Jukka-EC Slyrry mixer
New model: JUKKA-EC Slurry Mixer 8,3 m. Read more
Sekoitin 10 m 2016 modell
10 m propeller mixer with a 77 cm three-bladed propeller. Weight 440 kg.
Sekoitin 8 m 2016 modell
8 m propeller mixer with a 77 cm three-bladed propeller. Weight 400 kg.

Price list 1.3.2018 (incl. VAT):

Propeller diameter: 64 cm/ hp: 50 / Mixing power: 86 m3/min
Length 6,3 m: 3650 € (3-bladed): 3800 €
Length 7,0 m: 4250 € (3-bladed): 4400 €
Length 8,0 m: 4650 € (3-bladed): 4800 €
Length 10,0 m: (3-bladed): 5300 €
Propeller diameter: 77 cm / hp: 80 / Mixing power: 125 m3/min
Length 6,3 m: 3800 € (3-bladed): 4000 €
Length 7,0 m: 4400 € (3-bladed): 4600 €
Length 8,0 m: 4800 € (3-bladed): 5000 €
Length 10,0 m: (3-bladed): 5500 €

Propeller diameter: 96 cm 3-bladed / hp: 140 / Mixing power: 194 m3/min
Prices available upon request.

New model: JUKKA-EC Slurry Mixer
8,3 m long: 6400 €
10 m long: 7300 €


For the past five years we have manufactured the wooden bearings by planing, which makes it easier to make them long. Because of that the mixers now have up to 5.5 meters of bearing. Since summer 2015 all models have had serviceable structures, which makes it significantly easier to replace bearings.

The dismantlable frame eases replacement of a worn-out bearing. Note the extra wide support leg for rubber vats. The leg is optional, as it needs much space during transport.
The bottom end of JUKKA-EC with the frame open. Easy maintenance!
Sekoitin 8 m kokonaan avattava rakenne

The capacity and tank size of a farm tractor:

Indicative list of mixer models

Container sizes:
200-800 m3 6,3-7 m mixer with a 64 cm or 77 cm propeller.
500-1500 m3 7 m-8 m mixer with a 77 cm propeller.
1000-3000 m3 8 m mixer with a 77 cm propeller.
1500- 30000 m3 10 m mixer with a 77 cm or 96 cm propeller.
Uusi 77 cm kolmilapainen potkuri
77 cm propeller before paint coating.

A water pump turbine

Diameter of 360 mm, material: 8 mm steel.

Vesipumpun turbiini