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Jukka 1,5 or 2m3 Firewood Rack

  • Volume 2 m³ or 1,5 m³
  • Package includes: Sidewalls and three tie rods which are assembled with butterfly nuts.
  • Fits all 120 cm wide pallets with gaps between boards.
  • The lower tie rods (adjustable width) sit in gaps between pallet boards so securely that the rack stays in place without any other fastening.
  • Butterfly nuts enable both assembly and disassembly without any tools.
  • Very steady even when the rack is empty, so it's easy to start filling the rack.
  • Durable enough for any machine handling pallets.
  • With a pallet jack or machinery you can easily move up to 2 cubic meters of firewood at a time.
  • As the rack can be loaded and unloaded two ways, handling is very easy. The single tie rod in the middle won't get in the way when stacking and unloading wood.
Jukka polttopuuteline

Up to 2 cubic meters with a single lift!

Filling the rack by hand simultaneously removes debris

It's a good point, if you were thinking of buying a 7000 € cleaning drum. That pile of money buys you nearly 100 Jukka firewood racks!

Stacking wood by hand sounds like rather hard work, when a conveyor belt could stack them "automatically", but that's only the first part of the journey towards a fireplace. In a tall (2 m or more) woodpile the middle and bottom parts will dry slowly, especially if there's debris inbetween.
Polttopuiden tekoa

1. Often the pile under conveyor belt have to remove further.
2  Finally pile have to fill better shape and forming pile even.
3. How to transfer wood in store. In Store often oldest wood left behind a fresh wood
4. If you are dealer of firewood, you have to load a truck or trailer.
5. Wood have to onload out of truck or trailer into client yard, under mercy of weather .
6. Client transfer firewoods in shelter.
7. Often clients pile up woods for saving a space.

Even 7 times firewood be able to get handling until there are ready for carry to oven. Ofcourse profession dealer of wood use mashine as much as it possible, but still handling wood by bare hand is suprisingly much. Now Jukka 2m3 Wiredood rack  once time load by hand, all like forming a open pile, dry, storage, transport and so on happen without any other hand work phase. Revolution Logistic!

Perhaps you are not notice how much handling times you are done earlier. Moreover you are done base of pile, perhaps wall of mesh of steel or put wood into a bulksack. Bye the way you need about 4 piece of bulksack to get same amount of firewoods. Still amount of wood is more or less vague.

Look at a video Jukka 2m3 Firewood rack how well it works

Even though woods are more tight in the rack. Each wood in rack in still partly in open space. Air surround whole rack. Like in the Video you can see there is also cap middle of wood piles, there air also cirkle very easily. Quite high rack helps also drying process. You can easily select best (windy) place in your yard, just lift racks there. Clean firewoods dry wery well. You can fill rack over by last waste part of woods, there a not a roof.

The rack of firewood  is equal about 2,5-2,7 meter high open pile. Save of space is signifigant. Retangle form of racks is easy to cover like a tarpaulin or roofpanels and so on. It debend of you how much you left space between of racks and allowed air blowing easily between of racks.

Target to

Firewood contractors or dealers

No more tipping front of shelter of clients. The clients can rent, deposit, buy once Racks. When dealest delivers next firewood, the client gives empty racks back. Paying only woods. The client sure is buying next firewood at same dealers who can deliver woods easy manage Jukka 2m3  Firewood rack.

Private household

Where understand  what means simply logistic in Firewood managing. Not enymore, many treatments by bare hand, just pile up firewood direct in Jukka Firewood rack at palce where you doing firewood, place some could be are now in forest. Where cold wind don’t couse extra difficulties, like winter time. The place are not bond at all place where firewood are making. Fully Rack is possible to carry onto open and windiest place in yard. Final storage happen at same racks. If the surfface is hard and smooth, or put plywood top of sand or gravel, you can move fylly load racks by a Pallet Jack or tractor with Forks. Think three fully load track need only Three pallets space and you maigh be a years 6 cubic meters firewood in shelter by easy access and taking. Easy to change places, if you need something behind of woods.
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